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   charles j blanton

 Rather than getting his images from the Jungian collective unconscious, Blanton’s inspiration, and hence his images, come from the related personal unconscious, from his recognition that he has had many lives in different dimensions. These are more than dreams or out-of-body experiences; they comes from experiences that he has lived in different worlds at different times. Some of this has been expressed in his work as a board game where the disembodied unconscious play a game of life and death where extinction means the end of a universe.

    Striking colors and solitary images are characteristic of his work. Smoothly blending transitions of earth, sky and cosmos are achieved by a broken-color technique. Hatching, cross-hatching and dry brushing are favorite approaches that capture the effects of light and the figure of an object rather than its details. Most of his paintings are done in acrylic and some have a hidden paint called Wild Fire, which will show landscapes at night. 


 Original paintings are displayed at art galleries across the country and sold to the public. As a result of the source of his inspiration —the personal unconscious—Blanton’s images are not found anywhere on this planet.  


About the Artist: 

 An artist from the time he could hold a pencil, Blanton’s other-worldly images didn’t start to develop until a near-death motor cycle accident as a young adult. First a coma, then in and out of consciousness for weeks, having out-of-body experiences, and then for the remainder of his six-month hospital stay, he had regular other worldly dreams. Not content to rebuild him as he was, the universe left him with a bad hip, one leg shorter than the other, and a lifetime of walking with a limp and a cane . . . and his images.  


By: Henry William Kalweit 

Art Critic