Charles J Blanton Art

              china trees

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  goldgate tower 
  veranikas vail 
  ship in the bay 
  johnny york 
  red tree 
Arcyclis   30x48 
Calm  24x48  two peace set   
june 2017 
June 2017   
rim fire 
Rim Fire 
 global warming 
"Wooden"   30x48  Acrylic on canvas 
global warming 
"Global Warming"   30x48  Acrylic 
  "Reflections"    30x48   Acrylic 
long lost game 
"Long Lost Game"   30x48   Acrylic 
"Blorazidaria" 30x48 Acrylic    
dead cities of marcab 
"Dead Cities of Marcab" 18x36 Acrylic  
red lake
"Red Lake"  30x48  Acrylic 
rare site
 "Rare Sight"  24x30  Acrylic 
scarlet moon rising 
"Scarlet Moon Rising"  24x30 Acrylic 
"Changes" day  18x36  Acrylic 
changes night 
"Changes" night  18x36  same painting 
dragon spirit 
"Dragon Spirit"  48x72  Acrylic 
china trees 
     "China Trees"  30x48  Acrylic 
   blood moon
"Blood Moon"  48x72  Acrylic 
    fire storm
"Fire Storm"  48x72  Acrylic 
            "Frozen"  38x68  Acrylic 
    "Lillies"  16x22  Water Color  
terra 2 
"Terra ll"  day  18x36  Acrylic 
terra 2 night 
"Terra ll"  night    same painting 
     "Travelers"  30x48  Acrylic 
travelers night 
      "Travelers"   same painting 
the chase 
    "The Chase"   28x39   Acrylic
light house
     "Lighthouse"   26x34   Acrylic
quite times
    "Quiet Times"   24x35   Acrylic
a yarnel by blanton art
yarnell by blanton art
yarnell by blanton art
yarnell by blanton art
yarnell by blanton art